Planning for the future forces you to assess and organize the present

Goal: Preserve continuity through preventive services

  1. Meet with CEO or executive team to pinpoint needs, determine scope of project.
  2. Interview key staff individually to determine formal channels used to get the job done. Determine the informal links.
  3. Develop a matrix based on interview and/or psychometric (questionnaire) data.
  4. Provide summary report on each position assessed or company profile leading to "professional wills".
  5. Help develop continuity protocol.
  6. Consult to develop, and put in place, an internal disaster/trauma team.
  7. Provide awareness training though introductory seminars.
  8. Identify strategies for anticipating and managing change: workplace stress and resiliency training.

Goal: Stabilize organization through post-incidence services

  1. Facilitate internal communication
  2. Provide "survivor" support
  3. Coordinate EAP services through HR
  4. Team building/rebuilding
  5. Develop incident critique process
  6. Ongoing consultation as needed
  7. Protocol development

Current Research Project


      The consultants at Management Continuity are currently engaged in a research study that is designed to assess corporate America's level of preparation to survive workplace disruptions. These disruptions could be due to a natural disaster such as the tsunami that recently devastated Southeast Asia or a different disaster such as an earthquake. Disruptions or incidents may also be human initiated such as acts of terrorism, workplace violence or sabotage. The results of this study will be published in an emergency response journal.  To complete a survey for us, please download a copy when you click the word document icon below.  When finished please email it and any comments to: or

Business Disaster Planning Survey

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