Rick Allen, Ph.D.

Francine Toder, Ph.D.

Rick Allen, Ph.D., is a California licensed psychologist with extensive experience in

management, consultation, training, supervision, and working in the field of trauma response. He has worked as a manager, and has provided supervision and consultation to managers and executives. He has engaged in research on factors influencing the psychological climate of organizations and uses this research when he works with organizations. He has written articles for managers on how to deal with the impact of trauma in the workplace.


Rick provides organizational consultation and uses a social ecology approach. He works with organizations to improve their psychological climate, build effective work teams and overcome conflict and roadblocks to effective work groups. His consultation is based on assessing workplace dynamics and determining how organizational demands and communication affect the manifestation of both positive and negative organizational behaviors and coping modalities. He translates his assessment into concrete action plans for executives and managers. He has worked with organizations in addressing how they will address issues related to the disruption caused by disasters, downsizing, and other major organizational changes. He assists manager in working with a model of crisis management that enables them to keep their organization functioning effectively during challenging situations.


Rick has extensive experience in managing mental health services, training programs, and professional organizations. His management background provides him with a realistic and insightful perspective when working with executives and managers. He has developed leadership-training programs and has worked with individuals in leadership roles to assist them in becoming more effective. He has worked with individuals in leadership roles in initiating change in their organizations.


Rick has provided mental health services, organized the delivery of services and supervised those providing services at numerous disasters and human initiated traumatic events. Rick was a Disaster Mental Health Team Lead at Respite Center 3 at Ground Zero.He has worked at natural disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, fires and tornadoes. He has consulted or provided services following human initiated traumatic events including multiple shootings and other multiple homicides, suicides and other events involving fatalities. He has worked with individuals traumatized by war, by crime and has worked with hostages. He has engaged in research and writing and has edited the Handbook of Post Disaster Interventions. He assists organizations in disaster preparedness and reducing the effects of trauma and workplace violence.


Rick provides public speaking and training on a variety of topics for business executives, organizations and mental health professionals. The topics he covers include Stress, Effective Skills for Leading Your Organization, Parallel Process and Organizational Effectiveness, Developing An Ideal Work Environment, Improving Communication,

Workplace Violence Prevention, Dealing with Angry and Disruptive Customers, Organizing Mental Health Services After a Disaster, and Treating Recent Trauma.

Rick has presented at international and national psychology conferences and has run numerous workshops for organizations.


Dr. Allen can be reached at allen@ManagementContinuity.com.  


Francine Toder, Ph.D., is a consultant, psychologist and executive coach.  She provides consultation services to businesses and individuals in her office or at the work site. She has expertise and training in the areas of leadership development, emotional intelligence, workplace trauma and disaster preparedness. She has worked with senior level employees in numerous Silicon Valley companies including: Intuit, Compaq, Netcom, Apple, Sony, Sun, Stanford University, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies, several law firms and small businesses.  She is a part-time employee of AON Consulting.

With more than twenty-five years of experience working with individuals and organizations, she is an expert in helping people achieve their professional and personal goals. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and also has a degree in industrial & organizational psychology. Her office is located in Palo Alto, California.  Dr. Toder is an emeritus university faculty member at California State University, Sacramento and also has ten years of management experience.  She served as a university consultant on managing dangerous behavior and follow-up to trauma.

Francine is an American Red Cross disaster mental health provider and a disaster response network member. She was a responder to 911 at Ground Zero in New York.  She also responded to the American Airlines crash in Rockaway Beach, New York in November, 2001.  She represents her county and state psychological association on disaster readiness and response committees and networks.

Francine has had experience with training, seminars and public speaking, most recently about resiliency in the workplace.  She has written two books and has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows.  She has been widely quoted in the press including Dallas Morning News, San Francisco Chronicle, Sacramento Bee, USA Today, National Post (Canada) and Red Herring Magazine.  She has been interviewed on CNN, KRON, KGO AM (San Francisco), BBC, German National Television Network and the Phil Donahue show.

Dr. Toder can be reached at: toder@ManagementContinuity.com.